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Can be applied with cotton roller
Can be applied with paint brush
Can be applied with airless spray gun
Can be thinned with water

SILICATE outdoor wall paint

  • Mat wall paint,
  • premixed in the factory,
  • contains waterglass binder,
  • pigments,
  • filler and property improving additives,
  • has a good coverage ratio,
  • it has excellent vapour permeability,
  • which is available in determined colours of the VARIO colour chart.

The SILICATE EXTERIOR outdoor wall paint can be used on mineral base plastering, on cement or lime-cement bound substrate. It establishes good chemical bond on lime-cement mineral substrates. This is the durable coating for historical buildings.

The substrate shall be free from dust and dirt, as well as from movement and shrinkage. In case of plastered surface and concrete wall the substrate shall be solid. In case of old surfaces, remove the lose, damaged layers and paint residue, and scrape out larger cracks. The dispersion and glue pains not having sufficient carrying capacity, and the salt precipitations shall be removed. Repair the surface defects with cement mortar. Use overlapping strengthening bands on cracks and joints of dissimilar materials. Make sure that the repaired parts have the same structure as that of the existing surface.

Priming of the wall surface shall be completed 24 hours prior to the application of the paint. Take care to apply the primer uniformly and to make sure that the primer is entirely solid and dry. Check the colour and the data of production prior to starting the work. If buckets with different dates of production are found, then their content enough for a single wall surface should be blended in a larger vessel prior to the application. Protect the glass surface before applying the paint, because a paint could cause permanent staining.

With SILICATE wall impregnating agent in case of highly absorbent substrate.

Required quantity: 0.1 - 0.2 l/m2

Tools: Roller, brush or spray gun

Spreading: Apply uniformly and smooth it in multiple directions.

Required quantity: In case of even substrate having no particular absorbing ability: 9 - 10 m2/l is recommended with thinning in one layer. In case of uneven structured surface having high absorbing ability: 5 - 7 m2/l is recommended with thinning in one layer

The hiding power of SILICATE EXTERIOR outdoor wall paint depends on the substrate, it is recommended to use two layers among normal conditions. Increasing thinning tends to decrease the hiding power, as well as the adhesion and wearing strength. The quantity required for rough surfaces should be checked on site. We cannot assume responsibility regarding the required quantities. If the difference between the old and new colours is significant in case of strong colours, then application in three layers might become necessary, thus increasing the required quantity.

Thinning: Exclusively with Silicate wall impregnating agent! 0.5 - 0.7 l/bucket

Colouring: Available in determined colours of the VARIO colour chart.

Temperature: High humidity and low temperature of air hinder the solidification. Do not apply if the temperature is below +8 °C. Protect the material from rain and freezing until it is fully dry. Protect the vicinity of surface to be coated, especially glass. The tools can be cleaned with water immediately after using.

Total drying time: 6 h
The specified values are valid at a temperature of 20 °C and a relative humidity of 42 %. The application properties and drying time may be significantly longer if the weather changes (low temperature, high humidity content).

Overcoating interval: at least 24 hours.

Cleaning: It can be cleaned with fine bristle brush and water. Avoid using of any detergent and cleaning agent. Affected by frost!Storing: One year in original packaging at a place free from freezing. Carefully close the bucket after using.

Specific gravity: 1,60 kg/l

Density (20°c-on): 1,55 g/cm3

Non volatile part: 65 % (m/m) (at 105 °C-on, 3 h)

Packaging: 10 l

Fire hazard class: Not flammable. Belongs to fire hazard class E

Permit: Kermi 2008/2-000314-1

While drying, the agent must be protected from direct sunlight, draught, frost, driving rain, and temperatures above 30°C. Please refer to the label on the bucket and the technical information for the agent before application. Our technical specification is based on the premise that our products are used by trained professionals. The product and the information leaflet have been produced on the basis of our latest experience and knowledge, but this does not exempt the user from carrying out preliminary practical tests and colour checks. After starting the application, no complaints with respect to colour shall be accepted.

The colours on the sample materials are for information only; due to the differences in application and weather conditions, a complete colour match cannot be guaranteed.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes; in case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor if necessary.

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