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Plaster and Paints from Holland

The history of the company was started in the last century. The plant was founded as a family entrepreneurship in Netherlands for the production of paints and plasters packaged in buckets. After seeing the changes taking place in Eastern Europe, the managers of the company decided to expand the activities to Hungary. The small company established in Hungary initially imported and distributed the products of the mother company operating in Netherlands. By now, this company has grown to become one of the determining manufacturers in Hungary. The markets in the vicinity became accessible after joining the European Union, and our partners can be found almost everywhere in the neighbouring countries.

then and now

Our products

Our most popular products SILICON, NEO+ and VARIO+ acrylic plaster have been maintaining their market positions for years thanks to the high quality, reasonable price and because of the recipe containing the state of art additives. We are very glad to see that not only house owners are satisfied with the results provided by the product, but also a contractors like the products because of the easy handling

Continuous development and environmental protection

Our company makes development continually in order to meet the market challenges. Water emulsion environment-friendly materials are put exclusively on the list of development. The protection of environment is a primary aspect also in the Revco technology and technique strategy. Our environmental conscientious attitude is confirmed by the fact that we were admitted to the Industrial Park of Szigetszentmiklós Leshegy, around which the most important drinking water wells of Budapest are located.

Thermal insulation and Thermal insulating system

These terms became closely associated with the name of our company.

Our complete thermal insulation systems - THERMO LINE and MINERAL - we are the guarantee!

Blending the colours and ReMix


Our colouring system with the deployed pasting machines was considered to be unique at the time of starting at the market, and it still guarantees our flexible operations. We distribute the products of the largest paste manufacturers of Europe.

The improvement of flexibility was the objective also when we developed our ReMix system. The ReMix system means the solution for customers who wish to obtain some kind of special mix: using pebbles filled in small pouches of any colour, more than one thousand different colour compositions can be ensured for the plaster of footings.

For instance:



One of the important aspects of the Revco distribution strategy is the personal contact, the establishment of family atmosphere with the customers. The close relationship minimizes the communication problems. Our web site also serves the fast and flexible services we provide according to the needs of the customers. Please inform us at the e-mail address info@revco.hu if you have any comment, complaint or recommendation with regard our web page.


Wall paints, glazes, plasters, supplementary items and thermal insulations systems ...