Frequently asked questions

Assistance is provided by our web page, and it is worthwhile to ask support from our trading partners, and also our regional representatives are ready to provide you information.

At our trading partners. You can surely buy products with the best price at our construction material trading partner nearest to the construction site. Our products are available all over the country with reasonable prices during the sale period, which are supplemented with additional services: immediate release from the warehouse, quick colour blending on site (even if only one or two additional buckets are ordered), home delivery, consulting, etc.

Even immediately. The essential idea behind the colour blending on site is that the white plaster distributed in buckets can be coloured in each bucket according to the factory recipe.

Yes, which is made by our trading partners, the tariff of which depends on the quantities and  composition of the ordered products and other factors. It is usually free of charge in case of large quantities.

Inquiries should be preferably made at the place of buying the material. It is recommended to have a look at the reference houses and ask the opinion of earlier customers.

Before starting the construction it is required to check whether the material is enough for the entire wall surface. Additional materials should be made available if the quantity is not enough. If the colour of the subsequently obtained material is different, then it is recommended to mix the new quantities with the existing one.

Put the clean plaster in a container having a capacity slightly over the quantity of plaster. The container shall be clean and have an airtight lid, and store the container in a place protected from freezing and direct sunshine. The guaranteed shelf life of the plasters is 2 years when stored in unopened factory packaging. In practice, the plaster remains useable for many times longer.

In this case please contact our colleague

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