Can be applied with cotton roller
Can be applied with paint brush
Can be applied with airless spray gun
Can be thinned with water

REMIX COVER footing and consrete paint

REVCO REMIX COVER is a factory premixed footing and concrete matt paint with good opacity and excellent abrasion resistance.

Suitable for painting exterior and interior surfaces of old and new buildings that are plastered, fitted with thermal insulation in the footing area, or made of concrete, asbestos cement, or brick as well as for repainting footing. It can be used for repainting existing indoor walkways with high bonding strength.

Each colour can be lightened by mixing it with the colour WHITE, or the colours can be combined with each other; hence, also individual colours can be mixed. It can be coloured on the basis of an individual recipe within the Revco Colouring System.

The substrate must be dust- and dirt-free as well as free from movements and shrinkage. In case of plastered surfaces and concrete walls, the substrate must be solid. If old surfaces are painted, remove loose and damaged layers as well as any paint residue, and scrape out the larger cracks. Repair the defects of the substrate using cement mortar; at the cracks and the intersection of materials of different properties, apply an overlapping reinforcing tape. Make sure that the repaired parts have the same structure as the existing surface.

Remove any layer of dust on the surface that gathered due to previous works or for other reasons. Before painting on a substrate which is highly hygroscopic – such as old plaster, aerated concrete, surface made with plaster sand, or repaired base plaster – solely the wall impregnation agent REVCO PRIMER can be used for priming. Before applying the footing paint, stir it. This process is carried out using a drill with a paint mixer at low speed.

Application tool: Cotton roller, paint brush, airless or conventional spray gun.

Method of application: Ensure that the material is evenly distributed. If darker colours are applied using a paint roller, rolling in two mutually perpendicular directions is necessary in order to achieve adequate coverage. The opacity of the footing and concrete paint REVCO REMIX COVER depends on the substrate; normally, it is recommended using two layers. The more the dilution, the less the opacity, the bonding strength, and the abrasion resistance of the material. It is important to check the material requirements for rougher surfaces on-site.

Clean the tools and the mixing vessel after use, and any spilled product immediately with water, as the material can only be removed mechanically after drying.

Material requirement:

If the substrate is less absorbent and even: 0.1 to 0.15 litres/m2/layer with the recommended dilution. If the substrate is highly absorbent, uneven, and structured: 0.2 to 0.25 litres/m2/layer with the recommended dilution.

Recommended number of layers: At least 2 layers.

Dilution: Up to 5% of tap water without any lumps or precipitation.

Colouring: Factory pre-mixed colours:  In the colours White, Black, Anthracite, Gray, Brown, Dark Brown, Red, Rubin, Terracotta, Green that can be mixed with each other in proportion to the size of the pack.  It can be coloured on the basis of an individual recipe within the Revco Colouring System.

Application temperature: The temperature of both the air and the wall surface must be between +5°C and +25°C. Do not apply the product in bright sunlight, rain, frost, and strong winds, as these may cause cracks during drying and application.

Drying time until adhesion: 3 hours, Suitability for repainting: after 12 hours.

The values given are valid at 20°C temperature and 42% relative humidity. As the weather changes, with lower temperatures and higher humidity, the drying times become longer, with higher temperatures and lower humidity, the drying times become shorter.

Cleaning: If necessary, it can be cleaned with a fine brush and clear water. Avoid using any detergents.

Storage life: In original, unopened packaging in a frost-free place for 2 years from the date of manufacture.  After use, the buckets must be carefully closed.

Packaging: 1 litre net, 4 litres net, 16 litres net

Fire class: It is categorised as non-flammable.

While drying, the agent must be protected from direct sunlight, draught, frost, driving rain, and temperatures above 30°C. Please refer to the label on the bucket and the technical information for the agent before application. Our technical specification is based on the premise that our products are used by trained professionals. The product and the information leaflet have been produced on the basis of our latest experience and knowledge, but this does not exempt the user from carrying out preliminary practical tests and colour checks. After starting the application, no complaints with respect to colour shall be accepted.

The colours on the sample materials are for information only; due to the differences in application and weather conditions, a complete colour match cannot be guaranteed.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes; in case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor if necessary.

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