Can be applied with microfiber roller
Can be applied with paint brush
Can be applied with air spray gun
Can be thinned with water


  • Glaze,
  • premixed in the factory,
  • water resin based,
  • contains pigments,
  • and property improving additives,
  • enhances wood grains,
  • silky shine,
  • quickly drying,
  • block resistant after 24 hours,
  • excellent wear resistance,
  • available in 67 colour shades.

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The REVCO WOOD-LINE wood glaze is suitable for decorating new outdoor and indoor wood (railing, fence, furniture, window, doors, strip floor, etc.) surfaces. It enhances the graining and pattern of the wood, and provides protection against weather conditions, ensures the ease of cleaning. It retains colour for a long time, and it can be repaired easily.

The substrate shall be free from dust and dirt and the entire layer thickness shall be dry. Repair the surface defects, unevenness, drying fissures before starting the application of stain in harmony with the material and homogeneity (wood colour) of the substrate. Remove entire layer of earlier varnish from the surface by means of polishing before applying the glaze. Discolouring may occur during the application of glaze in case of certain kinds of tropical wood and if the material is not dry enough. You are reminded that each wood (within the same species too) has different absorbing ability. Saturate the surface with the necessary WOOD-LINE primer before applying the glaze. Prepare test surfaces if the surface was treated or soaked with fire retarding or fungicide additives.

One layer of WOOD-LINE primer should be used in every case of outdoor use. Shake or agitate the primer before starting the application. Shake the material from time to time during the work in order to ensure uniform colour effect.

Tools: Brush, spray gun.

Spreading: Make sure to apply the material uniformly and to spread it in the direction of the wood grain.

The hiding power of WOOD-LINE wood glaze depends on the colour and on the mode of application. The application of two or three layers is recommended.

Required quantity: 10-12 m2/lPerform a fine polishing after applying the primer, as well as after the first layer of glaze if necessary.

Thinning: Not necessary.

Colouring: Premixed in the factory in 67 colour shades.

Temperature: The temperature of air and wall surface shall be between +5 °C and +25 °C. Do not apply the material in extreme weather conditions, such as strong sunshine, during rain, at freezing temperatures and during strong wind, because such conditions could lead to cracks during drying and application periods.

Total drying time: 3 h
The specified values are valid at a temperature of 20 °C and a relative humidity of 42 %. The application and drying times may be significantly longer if the weather changes (low temperature, high humidity content).

Overcoating interval: min 12 h.

Cleaning: It can be cleaned with tap water and soft bristle brush. Avoid the use of cleaning and scrubbing agent containing strong chemicals. Wash the tools and drops immediately after application of the paint.

Storing: One year in original packaging at a place free from freezing. Carefully close the box after using. The formation of skin on the surface can be reduced by turning the box upside down before storing.

Packaging: 5 l, 1 l

Fire hazard class: Not flammable. Belongs to fire hazard class E

Affected by frost!

While drying, the agent must be protected from direct sunlight, draught, frost, driving rain, and temperatures above 30°C. Please refer to the label on the bucket and the technical information for the agent before application. Our technical specification is based on the premise that our products are used by trained professionals. The product and the information leaflet have been produced on the basis of our latest experience and knowledge, but this does not exempt the user from carrying out preliminary practical tests and colour checks. After starting the application, no complaints with respect to colour shall be accepted.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes; in case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor if necessary.

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