Can be applied with cotton roller
Can be applied with paint brush
Can be applied with air spray gun


REVCO DECO SHINE is an acrylate-bound, transparent, decorative coating with glitter. Its appearance is powerful, spectacular.

Among our DECO GLITTER products, this coating provides the most powerful glitter effect.

Suitable for subsequent decoration of exterior and interior walls of old and new buildings with glitter. The coated surface does not glitter on its own, the spectacular appearance fully reveals itself in sunshine or intense artificial lighting. The binder of the coating is transparent, becomes translucent upon drying, and the shade of the substrate becomes more intense than the original colour and slightly silky.

The substrate must be dust- and dirt-free, throughout dry as well as solid and free from movements and shrinkage. The absorbent wall surface should be primed 24 hours before applying the coating. Based on the material requirements, prepare the amount required for the continuous wall surface.

Outdoor use: It is not recommended using it for coating horizontal or near-horizontal surfaces. The sufficiently dried coating is resistant to driving rain on a long-term basis. The substrate can be a surface coated with a paint that has sufficient adhesive power, colouring plaster, or structure plaster for footing, after being primed according to the recommendations.

Indoor use: It is recommended using it primarily on painted surfaces but can also be applied to exposed concrete walls that are free from form release agents and have a smooth surface. In case of heavily burdened community spaces, if the surface has become dirty, it can be cleaned with lukewarm water and mild detergent using a soft bristle brush.

For 10 litres of the binder REVCO DECO SHINE, 8 vials of the additive BROCADE are recommended; the binder can be mixed with any colour version (colours 1 to 6) of the BROCADE. Further increases in the amount of the additive BROCADE will not result in significant, stronger glittering.

In case of a highly hygroscopic substrate solely the wall impregnation agent REVCO PRIMER can be used for priming.

During application, ensure that the material is evenly distributed; otherwise, due to piling up of the glitter particles that are applied with a greater layer thickness, the coating may appear greyer upon drying. Coating applied with a roller should also be applied in a diagonal, transverse direction using a brush.

Application tool: Cotton roller, paint brush or spray gun.

Clean the tools and the mixing vessel after use, and any spilled product immediately with water, as the material can only be removed mechanically after drying.

Material requirement:

For a smooth, painted surface: 0.25–0.3 litre/m2
For a grainy, textured surface:  0.3–0.4 litre/m2

Recommended number of layers: not more than 1 layer.

Dilution: Not recommended.

Application temperature: During application and drying, the temperature of both the air and the wall surface must be between +5°C and +25°C.

Surface drying time: 4 hours

Total drying time: 24 hours, Suitability for repainting and repairing: The surface can be later repainted with the facade paint REVCO EXTERIOR.

The values given are valid at 20°C temperature and 42% relative humidity. As the weather changes, with lower temperatures and higher humidity, the drying times become longer, with higher temperatures and lower humidity, the drying times become shorter.

Cleaning: If necessary, it can be cleaned with a fine brush and lukewarm water using a mild detergent.

Storage life: Binder REVCO DECO SHINE in bucket: In original, unopened packaging in a frost-free place for 1 year from the date of manufacture. After use, the bucket must be carefully closed.

Additive BROCADE in vial: In original, unopened packaging in a dry place it may be stored indefinitely; it is not frost-sensitive.

Packaging: 2.5 litres net, 10 litres net

Fire class: It is categorised as non-flammable.

While drying, the agent must be protected from direct sunlight, draught, frost, driving rain, and temperatures above 25°C. Please refer to the technical information before application. Our technical specification is based on the premise that our products are used by trained professionals. The product and the information leaflet have been produced on the basis of our latest experience and knowledge, but this does not exempt the user from carrying out preliminary practical tests and colour checks. After starting the application, no complaints with respect to colour shall be accepted.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes; in case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor if necessary.

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